We're all about simple pleasures and relaxed good times around the dinner table.

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Something magical takes place when we gather around the table.

Whether it's a home-cooked meal made with love and shared with friends on a special occasion, or a puzzle spread out on a lazy Sunday afternoon, we're all about simple pleasures and relaxed good times around the table.

We sit down, slow down, look our loved ones in the eyes, and connect. Laughter is shared, bonds are strengthened, love is felt. Really, it's the feeling of hygge: contentment, well-being, coziness.

In a world where we're connected at the touch of a screen, we feel increasingly disconnected. We're expected to always be "on". It's hard to keep up with our email, so how can we possibly slow down and eat dinner together?

Our mission is to help you do just that: design, grow, gather, eat, and repeat. 

Design your day, your home, and your life to make more space for these slow-down-and-enjoy moments. We offer day planners and meal planners, free printable checklists, DIYs, tutorials, and life hacks to kick the feeling of overwhelm and replace it with well-being.

Grow your own healthy and delicious veggies and herbs in a simplified, yet abundant way. We show you how to do this with garden planners, tutorials, DIY projects, and by sharing our own garden with you.

Gather together with one another and connect over meals, games, you name it. You'll find lots of recipes, occasion planners, entertaining kits with everything you need to throw an awesome party. Our seasonings, grilling planks, and accessories help you to amp up the flavor without amping up the prep time.

Eat those delicious meals together and fill up with love. 

Repeat. Make gathering and connecting a regular occurrence in your days, weeks, months, and years. Cultivate habits and rhythms for an effortless connection cycle with our articles and helpful hints.


We are:

Greg & Stacie Humpherys

Greg & Stacie Humpherys


Hi! We are passionate about helping you slow down, love your loved ones, and cultivate contentedness.

Greg is inspired by eccentric cooking techniques and getting the perfect balance of flavors in a dish. He's constantly trying new things in the kitchen. He developed our six seasoning blends, and loves creating new recipes around them. He works in the high tech industry by day and his passion is stock car racing and building his latest race car to run on our local 1/4 mile track. 

Stacie is passionate about graphic design, art, gardening and science. She develops our seasoning and gift packaging from start to finish, develops and designs our website, and writes most of the articles you see on our blog. Caboose is her full-time job. In her spare time, you'll find her in her art studio with an oil painting, digging in her garden, or hiking in the Idaho mountains with Greg and their two Vizslas, Mila and Eva.