Smoked Pork Shoulder with Old No. 1

Smoked pork shoulder (or smoked pulled pork) is a summer BBQ staple. It's easy, and can be made from an inexpensive cut of meat: a pork butt roast. And while this smoked pulled pork recipe takes some time, it's super easy. We smoke it on our Traeger grill and season with our very own Old No. 1 BBQ Rub.

Smoking a Turkey for Thanksgiving (or anytime)

Why not try something a little different this year for Thanksgiving? Our smoked turkey recipe starts out with a super simple dry brining process using Caboose Kansas City Southern Rib Rub. We use our Traeger grill to smoke and roast our turkey, but you can follow the same process with a simple smoker box on your grill and finish the roasting in your oven.

How to Truss a Turkey or Chicken

Learn how to truss a turkey or chicken in 5 easy steps to ensure a juicy, evenly-cooked bird. Our method uses only kitchen twine — no need for trussing needles. We're demonstrating on a 3 lb chicken; however, the steps for a turkey are identical — just on a larger scale.